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ENTEROVET is recommended in all situations which indicate an alteration of the environment such as the intestinal badabsorption, diarrhea or soft feces and colic or laminitis events.

Inulin: regulates the fermentation of the blind intestine.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae: keeps volatile fatty acids more stable.

Yucca schidigera: important in the pathogenesis of laminitis.

Carnitina-gel TEC-0051

HORSE CARNITINA GEL HORSE CARNITINA GEL contains carnitine that is essential for the transport of fatty acids necessary for the production of energy and carboxylic acid essential for their transport into the muscle cells. With the use of fatty acids as an energy source, the muscle glycogen saved resulting in lower production of lactic acid and delay fatigue presence; therefore, the athletic performance and resistance of fatigue are improved.
HORSE CARNITINA GEL also contains vitamin B12 (positively influences the hepatic function hematopoiesis), methionine (has protective activity liver and lipotropic), arginine (essential for the elimination of urea) and aspartic acid.

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REIDRO FAST mostly indicated for the dehydration because its electrolytes help to recover the body condition after the work stress and physical activity. Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium are indispensable for the membrane potential an then for the muscle contraction and relaxation. Some pathologies as fatigue, cramps and Rhabdomyolysis can appear with a lack of electrolytes.

Price: 11.00 €


FULL ENERGY gives the horse an energy source that can be easily assimilated, availability gradually avoiding the appearance of blood sugar spikes in the blood that predispose to momentary hypoglycemia.
Maltodextrins: create glycogen stores.
Amino Acids: promote metabolism of proteins and enzymes.
B Vitamins: power transfer and control of lactic acid.

Price: 12.10 €

Reidral + CY TEC-0020

REIDRAL + CY contains electrolytes together with amino acids, Vitamin C and with sugars that has an easier absorption and which bring available energy and with minerals in the form of chloride (high availability).
Replace the loss of electrolytes during sweating that can affect lack in the performance and muscle pain.
Reidral + CY enriched by yogurt and contains potassium (that stimulates the horse to drink) and magnesium (bring flexibility of the muscle).

Price: 13.94 €

Entericream c

Entericream c

Food supplement for foals

The astringent substances contained in the carob pulp means that Entericream is recommended in cases of loose and/or watery faeces.

Tannins have been shown to have a great effect on reducing exudation and dehydration caused by diarrhoea consequently. Tannins, in fact, could bind the enterocyte membrane proteins reducing its secreting action.

Price: 15.13 €

Equidyll Gel TEC-0065

EQUIDYLL GEL recommended for massages before, after intense work and in all cases of muscle or tendon fatigue.


Water, Arnica flower, Horse chestnut fruits, Rhus Toxicodendron TM, Gaultheria procumbens TM, Hypericum TM, Ruta graveolens TM, Symphytum off. TM. Complete composition: see label.


Apply Equidyll Gel on tendon and muscle areas massaging until a complete absorption. Repeat several times a day.

Price: 18.00 €

Osteo foal TEC-0029

OSTEO FOAL is a vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement for the growth foal for a perfect and beautiful develop of the muscle and the skeleton. It reduces the danger of osteo-articular problems as epiphysis and osteochondrosis. In the broodmares, we suggest the use of this product from the 7th month of gestation until the 3th month of lactation.

Price: 22.22 €

Equigest Plus TEC-0016

EQUIGEST PLUS based on live yeast NCYC Sc 47, which is the only authorized for use in horses. The live yeast interfere with the colonization of pathogenic bacteria while favoring those suitable.
Equigest Plus, besides, contains a special strain of dried Saccharomyces cerevisiae live that develops substrates derived from the fermentation of sugar cane. These two combinations significantly improve the efficiency of the intestine.

Price: 24.24 €


AMINOTECH NEW simultaneously meets the need for vitamins and mineral essential for the proper functioning of the body. It also provides important ramified amino acids to nourish the muscle, as they are used as energy source during physical exercise in order to delaying the consumption of glycogen in the muscle.

Price: 25.71 €

No Acid TEC-0056

NO ACID improves the muscular efficiency of the sport’s horse, which can be damaged from the Acid lactic in hard activity.

NO ACID eliminates Acid lactic and so it avoids the fall of pH with a following alteration of the acid-basic balance and of the muscular functionality.

Price: 26.77 €
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