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A tasty but healthy treat for horses containing 100% natural cereals, minerals and 500mg extra Vit.E

  • With a light vanilla flavour
  • Healthy, natural and tasty
  • Packed in bags of 1 kg 
Price: 5.05 €



are 2 kg premium licking-blocks for horses made of 96 % natural salts, added minerals, important trace-elements and biotin.
For all living organisms, salts, minerals and trace-elements are of vital importance for the general health and functioning of blood, bodycells and muscles.
Salt and mineral deficiency can lead to lack of appetitereduced conditionlack of energydull or dead appearance and reduced performance. Especially when providing large quantities of (low-mineralised) roughage (or roughage grown in mediteranean or middle east countries), special attention should be paid to avoid deficiencies.
It should also be noted that sporthorses, horses in training andhorses living in hot climates have an increased excretion of salts and minerals through sweatening and urine. Extra salts, minerals and trace-elements should be included in the daily ration.


  • Made of 96% natural salts to optimise blood- and cellfunctions;
  • With extra magnesium (20 gr/kg) to stimulate nervefunctions;
  • With increased levels of all vital trace-elements: selenium (15 mg/kg); iron (1.250 mg/kg), manganese (1.250 mg/kg) copper (200 mg/kg), iodine (100 mg/kg), cobalt (40 mg/kg) and zinc (1.500 mg/kg)
  • WIth extra biotin (Vit. H.) to improve hide-, hair- and hoofcondition;
  • In an easy-to-supply 2 kilo block.
Price: 5.34 €


Basis-Sport Cubes

A non heating fully balanced condition cube for light to medium work.

Contains all essential vitamins and minerals.
Suits all horses (especially cold bloods, and mature horses) and ponies. 

Oat-free! 25kg/bag

Price: 22.00 €



Complete Non-Heating mix with alfalfa and speltwheat and with slow-releasing energy. 

High levels of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Ideal for all easy-to-feed horses and nervous or sensitive horses.

Also for stallions and broodmares (high Beta-Carotene level). Oat free  20kg/bag

Price: 22.00 €



HAVENS MIX is a high quality chaff of timothy grass (Phleum pratense), Lucerne (medicago sativa) and a blend of linseed products (linum usitatissimum).
MIX can be perfectly used to upgrade your horse’s diet (proteins, amino-acids) and to increase the eating time (mixed with concentrate feed). The high fibre content promotes chewing which helps saliva production, an important part of the digestive health. A well chewing horse is a happy horse. Linseed is a natural source of omega acids.

Price: 22.22 €



for an optimal digestion

HAVENS has formulated a new and unique feed for all horses and ponies that suffer from digestive problems or stomach ulcers: the Gastro+ !

Price: 22.22 €


Ferto-LAC3 Mare Cubes

A unique and proven formula for gestating and lactating mares, with Multi-Calcium-Complex (MCC) and extra copper, increased energy and protein-level for an optimal milk production, and increased level of the 3 most important Amino-acids.

Price: 24.24 €


Power-Plus Mix

Dry energy mix for sporthorses with black oats and a low protein content.

Ideal for horses in training and peak fitness.

Ensures extra power and strong and elastic muscles without fattening.

Contains extra electrolytes (ideal for intense training or in hot climates). 

Price: 26.00 €



Very palatable mixture, rich in vitamins and fibers, consisting of flaked cereals, toasted lineseed, wheatbran and dehydrated alfalfa, completed with extra vitamins and minerals.

Ideal for older horses, hard-keepers or to improve the condition of coat or hoofs. 

Oat free!  

Price: 26.00 €



Due to more and more horses seem to suffer health problems like insulin resistance and laminitis; there is a rising demand for products that are molasses-free and low in sugar.

Therefore HAVENS developed a new muesli: Natural Balance – a product with multiple unique features and broad application:

Free of molasses and no added sugar; highly suitable for sober breeds and horses that are prone to laminitis, summer itch and insulin resistance

Optimal omega 3/6 ratio; improved fertility, stamina, hoof quality, skin, fur, ability to concentrate and performance

High fibre level; suitable for horses sensitive to stomach ulcer

With spelt wheat and garlic – without oats

Price: 26.77 €



consist of compressed pure lucerne and mint, ideal as a treat or to upgrade your horse’s diet. Your horse can chew on the BRIX which can help relieve boredom. The high fibre content promotes chewing, saliva production and digestive health. A HAVENS BRIX in the manger with the concentrate feed will help prevent gobbling. It works like the well-known stones in the manger, except BRIX is a healthy edible alternative. Dried mint has been added to tempt even the most picky eaters.

Price: 26.77 €


Opti-GROW Foalstarter

Very luxurious small Foal-cubes for the first 18 months with high levels of the best quality proteins, extra energy and many milkproducts to supply foals with a good start.

Contains also extra essential amino-acids and Multi-Calcium-Complex. 

Price: 28.00 €
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